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Mezzanine Floors

Where Can Mezzanine Floors be used?

  • Automobile industry
  • Auto materials dealers
  • Electronics industry
  • Agricultural mechanization companies
  • Paper industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Transport Companies
  • Food industry
  • Paint industry
  • Caterers
  • Government bodies


A mezzanine floor can enable you to:

  1. Add additional storage space
  2. Add extra office space on, or below
  3. Add manufacturing areas
  4. Improve distribution and through put in warehousing environments


Steel structure mezzanine floors can be used for many products such as motor spares, electric goods, chemical, food products, textile and many more.

Steel structure mezzanine floors is without a doubt the highest level of quality. This applies to it’s functionality materials used, safety and finishing. Designed, produced and installed by the manufacture himself.

No other product can give you the space saving efficiency of a steel structural mezzanine floor.

There are no, size or height restrictions on mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors are customized to suit the end user.

Space = Upstairs offers a variety of decking, 21/32 mm Plywood. Open/Close Steel flooring, open steel grid decking, galvanized steel flooring, Plywood with interlocking plastic flooring and concrete slab.

Space=Upstairs mezzanine floors can be outfitted with a industrial steel stairs, industrial hand and knee railing, sliding or swinging gate and lose chain access.

Mezzanine floors is build and constructed out of steel beams it is adjustable, removable fast build and free standing. And can easily be broken down and move to new premises.