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How Long Does The Mezzanine Floor Installation Process Take From Order To Completion?

The normal project time table is as follows:

  • Week 1: Detailed site survey
  • Week 2: Design and production of general arrangement
  • Week 3: Client approval of design
  • Week 4-5: Structural steel manufacture
  • Week 6: Installation
What Are The Size Restrictions For Mezzanine Floors?

There are no size, shape or height restrictions. Mezzanine floors are customized to fit in any place.

Can I Change The Design At Any Stage?

Design modification can be introduced during the first 2 weeks, although this may result in additional delay and cost once structure steelwork is completed.

Do I Have To Arrange The Floor Installation Myself?

The client has the option of floor installation using his own resources, but Space=Upstairs recommend that it has this responsibility using its own fully accredited and trained mezzanine floor installation team.

What Happens If There Is A Fabrication Or Structural Steel Problem On Site?

Each mezzanine floor installation is assigned to a specific Space=Upstairs project manager Who has full responsibility throughout the process. This individual is the first point of contact for the client in all circumstances.

Can Space=Upstairs Also Arrange The Installation Of Stairway And Other Add-Ons?

Yes, typical additional access flooring requirements include: stairway, handrails and ladders.

How Can I Best Prepare For The Arrival Of The Space=Upstairs Mezzanine Floor Installation Team?

Provide clear and unrestricted access to the area with utilities and service