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With space costs at a premium, cost efficient storage systems are essential to most companies. With this in mind, the material handling team of Space=Upstairs has designed and developed cost efficient steel structure mezzanine floors. Space=Upstairs versatile and flexible mezzanine floors can be designed to meet your special product and load requirement. With Space=Upstairs you can rely on competent advice, excellent service, effective representative and extremely reliable storage systems. DSC00868WHY SPACE = UPSTAIRS

  • HEALTH AND SAFETY – Impeccable safety record and adheres to standards.
  • INNOVATION – Years of experience goes into each new product launched.
  • SERVICE – Fast, friendly efficient service is our main focus.
  • DELIVERY – We deliver, install and maintain. In and out of office hours.
  • EXPERIENCE – There is no substitute for years of industry experience.
  • OPTIONS – We never install the same product twice. Expect customs solutions.
  • MANUFACTURING – Most of the products are manufactured in our workshop.
  • BESPOKE – Not sure which product? We will make sure we fulfill your needs.